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Ortho Rehabilitation

Physical Rehabilitation Splints & Aids

MGRM Medicare Ltd, is India's leading manufacturer of medical splints. The product range caters to the varying needs in the field of trauma and critical care. We are stockiest for the product for more than a decade now.

Rehabilitation Product Range

  • Emergency Splints
  • Cervical Splints Shoulder
  • Arm & Clavicle Splints
  • Wrist & Forearm Splints
  • Chest & Rib Splints
  • Back Splints
  • Abdominal Splints
  • Knee Splints
  • Ankle Splints
  • Finger Splints
  • Foot Splints
  • Conditioning Splints
  • Hip Splints
  • Ambulatory Splints
  • Ankle & Foot Splints Braces

Cervical Splints Shoulder

Wrist & Forearm Splints

Foot Splints

Knee Splints

Arm Sling Pouch

Abdominal Splints

Ankle Splints

Braces Splints